Just seen a bunch of comments on an article about sexual assault on women saying the typical ‘women shouldn’t get drunk, women should stay safe. Don’t wear slutty clothes’ etc.

I hope every single person who has that mentality and says these things burns alive. No use for them in this world,…

I love how feminists do all the work for you by proving that many of them are completely irrational and too immature to deal with a different opinion lol. You hope people who think differently be burned alive or get murdered? What the fuck kind of mentality is that and how is that helping your femnist movement at all?

It’s also ironic how you condemn them for having that opinion and yet apply the same type of logic that you’re against - and I’m pretty much against it too by the way - to them. Ironic and hypocritical. 

Your other post “men are the bad guys” is just fucking ridiculous too. Honestly, feminists like you are doing a really, REALLY good job tarnishing feminism. Us anti-fems and other people against what feminism has become don’t even have to try lol. You do it all for us. So congratulations. 

Love, A) i am not a feminist. B) I have experienced rape, many of my friends have experienced rape and sexual assault countless times. C) why don’t they deserve to die? :) they are protecting something illegal. If I murdered your family and was found guilty but people still protected me would you not think they’re disgusting human beings? The law’s the law. Don’t break it, and don’t protect those who do. 
I also think it’s fucking hilarious you sit on tumblr and search for feminist related things just to have a little bitch and moan. If it wasn’t for feminism. you, your mother, your sisters, your grandmothers etc would have no jobs, no real education and would be sexually assaulted a hell of a lot worse than women do nowadays. So how about you shut your stupid little mouth, open your eyes, experience the world for what it really is.. then you might think that protecting rapists is erm… wrong. 
At least my rants have meaning, I have experienced rape. It RUINED my life… what are your little rants doing? nothing but causing unnecessary drama. Bless your lost fucking soul. 
I’m not here to hate, i’m here to protect women from rape…… most would consider that erm.. well let’s say.. not illegal. 

Just seen a bunch of comments on an article about sexual assault on women saying the typical ‘women shouldn’t get drunk, women should stay safe. Don’t wear slutty clothes’ etc.

I hope every single person who has that mentality and says these things burns alive. No use for them in this world, they’re better of dead and they don’t deserve to go in peace. #truth 
Oh and if they do happen to get murdered by being burnt alive, it’s their fault for not protecting themselves from burning flames. lol.

Why is it that a large percentage of people have just given up and see sexual assault as the norm? and that it is our duty as women to protect ourselves? 
SURE it happens A LOT but why are people just ignoring the fact this is NOT natural, normal healthy male behaviour? it is illegal, as illegal as someone breaking into your house and murdering you in your sleep. 
No, the solution isn’t teaching women that we should adapt to these illegal acts, the solution is realising ‘hang on a minute, men are breaking the law, maybe they’re the bad ones’. 
By giving up and making women adapt to these illegal acts, we are just destroying humanity, giving men exactly what they want, and ruining lives for all the important women in our lives. Why would anyone want this for their mothers, sisters, future daughters?


This body art/optical illusion has all our jaws dropping. (Video)

I feel bad talking like this, as my experiences are not as horrific as other women’s, but being female, I naturally feel very worthless. Since the age of 11  i’ve had grown men treat me sexually, 6/7 years of this constant behaviour and lack of respect has lead me to feel very very worthless as a woman. No matter what i achieve, no matter how great of a person I am, Hell, i could save 1,000 dying children but men will still look at me in the street as a piece of meat and be perverted towards me. The funny thing is, i’m not even attractive. I walk around in my baggy work uniform, dirty unwashed hair in a bun off my face and men still stare as they drive past or look back. I’m not slim or tall like models, i’m the very opposite, short and chubby. That goes to show that simply me being female means this is the attention I get. It’s nothing to do with wearing short skirts, having long slim legs, luscious long flowing hair and a beautiful slim face with good bone structure. I am a female therefore this is the treatment I get. I find it very hard to deal with. Part of me doesn’t know if this is how i actually feel, or if i’m just playing this over too much in my head and making myself feel sorry for myself. But then i stop and think no. Women get raped every single day. The porn industry exists, it’s main audience is men, it aims to please men. Mens magazines with naked women exist. Naked women are in the newspapers. Men mentally and physically abuse women much more than women do men. Men are evil evil creatures.  I have every reason to believe this is true, that i have every right to feel this way.
But I genuinely feel like since i’m a woman, there’s no point me having feelings. There’s no point me having a personality, caring about people, being a good person etc because either way i am a female and no matter what, i will always be worth nothing more than a vagina in the eyes of men.  And it really frightens me. 

I’ll always be my own best friend :)